Over the past couple of years, Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters have gained massive popularity globally, and arguably, this has been even more heightened due to covid-19.


Even though both Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters have been around for a lot longer, the fruition of ride sharing options like Lime and BIRD, seemed to have created a massive influx of interest and demand for them, as it made it a much more accessible and affordable means of transport for many.


There are of course things that all riders should be conscious of, and take the personal responsibility towards ensuring that we are creating a safe environment for everyone, such as not using Electric Scooters on pavements, in order to prevent injury and discomfort for pedestrians. But a clearer regulatory environment, and investment in the right infrastructure in a lot of cities, such as introducing designated cycle and ride lanes, will ensure that people are not only safe, but able to freely enjoy the benefits of an Electric Bike and Electric Scooter without the consequences.


In this article, we explore 5 reasons why we have seen a big increase in the adoption of E-Bikes and E-Scooters.


Compared to their non electrically powered siblings, both the Electric Bike and Electric Scooter typically have a higher price point, and can be seen as an expensive investment. But particularly in the UK, let’s compare this with other modes of transport and the costs related to those:


a) Car


The average new car price in the UK is roughly £30,000, and this is solely for the acquisition. Following the acquisition of the car, you have added costs such as Fuel, Maintenance, Road Tax, Insurance, MOT.


So Roughly, an annual running cost of around £3,400. This doesn’t even take into account depreciation when you come to sell the vehicle, which on average, is around 15%.


So already you have:

£30,000 acquisition cost

£3,400 running costs

£4,500 hidden costs + depreciation


b) Public Transport


For a typical Zone 1 to Zone 4 Annual Travelcard, an adult in the UK pays £2,076 a year to use public transport.


Even the annual travelcard option is more expensive than a lot of Electric Bikes on the market today.


Bear in mind, this is only an annual cost, but this is multiplied again both for car and public transport year on year, typically with inflationary increases introduced as well. Whereas with an Electric Bike for example, you have a fixed cost to acquire it, and a small annual maintenance cost to ensure everything is ticking along smoothly.


Especially now with flexible payment solutions like Klarna, where you split the payments across 6 months, the immediate cost benefit and the long term cost benefit become evermore attractive.


2. Health & Safety


Particularly during covid-19, official government statistics for both rail, underground and bus transport show a massive decrease in use when compared to previous years for the same periods. Of course this is fuelled mainly by the fact that commuting is not as rife as it was pre-pandemic, with people working from home.


However, with the easing of lockdown, the number of cars on the road has increased dramatically. This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, location independent. Meaning, people are not having to be in an office space for most of the day, which provides them additional flexibility and access to their vehicles to use on the roads.


But another interesting theory which has been picked up on by experts and consumer panels, is the fear for safety and health that people still have when using shared spaces, and integrating with the public. And particularly in dense cities like London, which is notorious for its overly crowded public transport, the concerns around health and safety have resulted in people looking for alternative modes of transport to get them from A to B, while avoiding crowds, and maintaining their health and safety.


However, with the traffic on the roads, the cost of owning and running other means of transport like a car, the Electric Bike becomes an easy decision and a great alternative.


3. Environment


The problem with an influx in the use of cars is undoubtedly the pollution and increase in CO2 levels this causes. Ride sharing alternatives like public transport, were a great way to reduce this, but with peoples concerns around their health and safety, wanting to keep not only themselves, but their loved ones safe as well, we have obviously seen this be impacted heavily.


So for the eco-conscious person, who holds sustainability and the wellbeing of our environment, our health and our planet at the heart of their beliefs, the Electric Bike and Electric Scooter provides a great alternative to have a positive impact on the environment, without having to compromise on their health.


The green credentials of Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters are irrefutable, when comparing it to fuel guzzling alternatives we are faced with today.


4. Fun


It is all well and good being conscious and contributing positively not only to your own wallet, the environment and yours and your families health, but lets not forget at the core of the Electric Bike and Electric Scooter, how fun and exhilarating they are.

To feel the wind brush past you as you ride along, the sensation of accelerating and whizzing around with friends or even solo. Nothing beats that.


To jump on one of the most energy efficient modes of travel to get around, still get a workout (in the case of an Electric Bike), and feel that liberating feeling all the while contributing positively to your health, your body function, having a positive impact on your environment for our future generations, is an unbeatable sensation.


5. Freedom


The freedom of being able to go where you need to, when you need to, while making good time and protecting your health is truly liberating.


Especially for those who used to take public transport (who no longer feel comfortable doing so because of health and safety implications) and do not own a vehicle, this can provide that true freedom to explore.


To see the places you haven’t seen before, to go further and faster, explore more. And with it being electrically assisted, you truly can go further for longer, and enjoy the freedom of being out and about. Content with the feeling of contributing positively to your health and your environment.


The fact that especially with Electric Scooters, and Fold up Electric Bikes, they are compact and easy to transport and store, this opens up a world of possibility, to explore new beautiful locations, ride and experience new places to the full - without having to think about where to park your car or even how many people you have to come into contact with on a train.


And one of the best bits about it, is that once you’ve made your investment, that is pretty much it. It’s free. You don’t have to think about how much fuel you need to top up on your journey, how much travelcard will cost. All you have to do is hop on and ride.


Although these are a number of the reasons as to why we have seen a surge in the adoption and use of Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters, we still have a massive responsibility to ourselves and each other. To make sure our fun and freedom doesn’t impact others in a negative way. For example, staying off of pedestrian walks, being conscious of traffic rules when on the road, wearing the right protective gear to keep ourselves safe.


The future of mobility is really exciting. To see more people on board with trying to help the planet, reduce emissions, reduce noise pollution, create a safe and health environment for all. But it does not come without its responsibilities.


Ride safe, ride responsible, but don’t forget to have a ton of fun!