With their surge in popularity, and the impending legalisation of E-Scooters on public roads, it's no surprise that now more than ever people are seeking to find out what the best options are.


Let's face it. No one likes to make a wrong decision and get caught out with a nasty surprise!


Here we explore some of the top rated, best Electric Scooters your money can buy today. And we won't be holding back on the details!


Electric Scooters have fast evolved from a nice to have toy, to a must have personal transportation vehicle for a lot of people looking for a cleaner, healthier way to travel. 


Not only can it greatly reduce your commute and travel time, but it is undeniably better for the environment, and especially during covid, keeps you away from busy public transportation - where all too often we see people not masking up properly. 


Aside from the health and environmental benefits, they are just a ridiculous amount of fun - but we strongly advise with current regulations, especially in the UK, you should be aware of your local regulations to ensure that you are riding safe.


Below we have reviewed some of the top rated, best E-Scooters that you can buy. They all have their nuances and differences, so hopefully this will make your quest of finding the perfect Electric Scooter for you, that much easier!


1. Ninebot Segway G30 Five Star Review Electric Scooters | Flow Eco Rides

Ninebot Segway G30 | Flow Eco Rides
Model Name: Ninebot Segway G30
Top Speed: 15.5mph
Max Distance Range: 40 miles / 65km
Weight: 18kg
Charge Time: 6 Hours
Wheel Type:
Tubeless Air Filled Wheels with Thick Jelly Layer


Arguably one of the most popular brands in the world. Not just in the E-Scooter world, but Segway has been world renowned for many years as a brand providing top quality, eccentric electric mobility solutions for people.


With their latest venture into the world of Electric Scooters, Segways Ninebot series (including the E22E, E25E, E45E etc) has gained immense popularity - and for good reason.


Dubbed as the Ninebot Segway premium option, the G30 truly does that title justice. Boasting a 350W nominal motor and getting its juice from a 551W Battery pack, the G30 not only gets you to its max speed in a very impressive time, but it is designed to take you on much longer trips, rather than the typical 10-15 mile range we're used to from most Electric Scooters today.


When you ride the G30, you can really feel the quality that has gone into both the components but also the build quality itself. Although it is without a doubt heavier than a lot of other modern Electric Scooters you can buy, that added weight really does give you the feel that this is not just a toy, but a mode of transport that you can really rely on, and its mechanisms really feel quite substantial when compared to other models.


The G30 is built to handle urban terrain / settings with ease. Its 10" tubeless pneumatic tyres, filled with a thick jelly layer not only provide an incredibly smooth riding experience, but the jelly layer greatly reduces those annoying punctures we're all far too familiar with. With its powerful motor and battery pack, it makes light work out of inclines, so you can just imagine how amazing it is on city flats!


It's packed with the techy features you need in the handlebar, to ensure you always feel in control. From the display, you can easily toggle between different riding modes, which are Eco, Drive, Sport and Pedestrian. Pedestrian may seem like a bizarre setting, but trust us, you will be thankful later!


Due to its heavier weight, they have integrated a "pedestrian" speed mode, which is purely designed to help you move your G30 with ease when you're not riding it and having to walk it around. 


It's incredibly fun, efficient, reliable and packed with all the tech and safety features you need to make your journey that much more enjoyable. It's LED lighting provides very impressive visibility, and even in the daytime light, we found it to be surprisingly effective.


The downside, as mentioned before, is its weight. This must be a bit subjective, because at Flow we actually appreciated this added weight, because it really made it feel a lot more sturdy, mechanically intact and super reliable. But having said that, we did not have to lug it around by hand in its folded position for extensive periods of time, or up and down stairs constantly - and can completely appreciate how difficult that would be after a while!


+ Quality components and build

+ Super reliable

+ Impressive max distance range

+ Comfortable Ride

- Heavy



2. Egret-Ten V3 

Egret-Ten V3 Electric Scooter | Flow Eco Rides

Model Name: Egret-Ten V3 Electric Scooter
Top Speed: 15.5mph (Limited - capable of reaching 17mph)
Max Distance Range: 19 miles / 30 km to 25 miles / 40 km
Weight: 17kg
Charge Time: 4-5 Hours
Wheel Type:
Air Filled Front and Rear Tyres
£1,199.00 - £1,349.00

In our opinion, one of the most hugely underrated, premium Electric Scooters today. The Egret-Ten V3 comes with both a 36 and 48 voltage options, meaning you can dictate the speed and distance you wish to be able to travel.

The price tag can look a bit scary, but when you understand all the incredible features and the high quality components that are used in the engineering of the Egret-Ten V3, you'll soon come to understand why.


Designed, manufactured and distributed in Germany, straight out of Hamburg, Walberg Urban Electrics (the company behind the Egret E-Scooter), the quality of the Egret series is undeniable - no wonder why they are backed by a 2 year warranty; Hard to comeby with Electric Scooters these days!


Let's start with what gives it its power. The 36V comes with a 350W motor and a 10.4Ah battery capacity, whereas the 48V comes with a 11.6Ah capacity. What this means for you, is that you have the option of choosing whether you want to travel up to 19 miles or up to 25 miles in a single charge. 


Regardless of how far you want to go, both versions ensure you have all the comfort features you need, to cruise 19-25 miles in absolute comfort. It's 10" air filled tyres help you glide along, and make light work out of bumps in the road. 


One of the simplest yet most effective features for riding comfort, apart from the obvious tyre type, is surprisingly the adjustable stem / handlebar section of the Egret-Ten V3. 


Whereas most Electric Scooters come with a fixed size stem, only foldable into a compact position to carry - the Egret-Ten V3 allows you to easily adjust the handlebar and stem to make it suit your height - which actually adds a surprising level of comfort. Simple, well thought out and executed features like this, really make the Egret really stand out. 


All too often we find ourselves scrambling our feet to find the best position to place them on the board when taking off - particularly a problem for some of our team with size 12 feet! But with the Egrets extended, widened platform, it's super simple and easy to place both feet comfortably onto the e scooters platform, to find that perfect riding position.


So all in all - this has to be one of the more comfortable, high quality Electric Scooters we've had the pleasure of riding and testing out.


Having said that, there are a couple of points we wish were slightly more improved, to just take it that step further.


Although it has its air filled tyres, adjustable stem and widened stepping platform - adding a suspension system, even just to the rear would have made this feel like the roads had a thick layer of butter spread across them (appreciate that's a bit of an unusual description to provide when trying to explain how smooth that would make the ride!). 


Furthermore, at only 1 kg lighter than the G30, the Egret-Ten V3 is still a little on the heavy side!


+ Quality German components and build

+ Super reliable and backed with a 2 year warranty

+ Good range for both models

+ Wide platform for added comfort

+ Adjustable stem

+ Very impressive safety features

- Slightly heavy

- Few visible wires





3. Ninebot Segway E25E 

Segway Ninebot E25E Electric Scooter
Model Name: Ninebot Segway E25E Electric Scooter
Top Speed: 15.5mph 
Max Distance Range: 15.5 miles / 25 km
Weight: 14.3kg
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Wheel Type:
Dual Density, Anti-Puncture Foam Filled Tyres


Another one from Segway, the E25E. Upgraded from the E22E, Segway have taken everything that made the E22E so popular, added a bunch of upgrades and released the E25E - and at £499, we think it's an absolute steal!


Taking on customer feedback, although the E22E had more ratings than the E25E, the E25E answered all the improvement feedback customers gave - hence why we've included the E25E over the E22E here... A lot of E's!


A couple of the stand out upgrades the E25E has got, is its front suspension and increased battery capacity - meaning it is not only a more comfortable ride, but it can go even further and faster. Now that's what you call an upgrade!


The increase in weight from the E22E's 13.5kg to the E25E's 14.3kg is really a small price to pay for the increase in power and range you get. With a top distance range of 15.5 miles and a top speed of 15.5mph, the Ninebot Segway E25E has plenty of juice to allow you to travel impressive distances on a single full charge. 


In addition, with a relatively short charging time of only 4 hours, you'll be up and running again in no time. What we love about the E25E, is that if you really don't want to charge it as frequently, or you just need it to go further - you can buy an attachable battery pack that sits on the stem and provides you with a new max distance range of 28 miles! And if we take the average statistics of a London commute - which is roughly 13-14 miles, you have plenty of spare charge to take you on an extended, peaceful lovely journey back.


We also love the added visibility that they've added to the E25E, in the form of ambient side lighting across the sides of the deck. Although we're pretty confident it was added for purely style points, the added ambient lighting undoubtedly has the added benefit of providing extra visibility. And as safety is always top of the priority list, this is a pretty cool way to be seen! Completely customizable as well, which allows you to pick any colour you wish - to match your style, mood or even just your favourite colour.


The list goes on with the E25E, from its LED front and rear lighting, to its well thought out extended rear fender which stops splashing - the Ninebot Segway E25E is PACKED full of features that will provide you with a fun, safe and top quality Electric Scooter riding experience.


+ Lightweight 

+ Powerful with good acceleration

+ Customisable ambient lighting to increase visibility 

+ Attachable additional battery pack stem

+ Puncture free / hassle free tyres

+ Cable-free, modern, sleek design

- Non-pneumatic tyres give a slightly bumpier ride





4. Joyor A5 

Joyor A5 Electric Scooter
Model Name: Joyor A5 Electric Scooter
Top Speed: 15.5mph 
Max Distance Range: 19 - 22 miles / 30 - 35 km
Weight: 14kg
Charge Time: 6-7 Hours
Wheel Type:
Solid, Anti-Puncture Honeycomb Wheels




From Barcelona, Spain, we bring you the Joyor A5. Body and soul of the A3, but with an attached additional battery pack, makes the A5 go further for longer!


One of the most celebrated features of the A5 has to be its puncture free, and thus hassle free, 8" honeycomb wheels. Of course, they're not as shock absorbing and smooth as pneumatic tyres, but at the same time, due to their honeycomb design, they still have greater shock absorption than your standard solid wheel. Plus, let's not forget the front suspension which eases a lot of the bumps in the road as well. 


It's a subjective preference for sure, but if you are someone that just does not want to deal with flats and punctures, then a slightly bumpier ride is a small price to pay for saving a lot of potential headaches down the line!


Overall the build of the A5 feels really robust - amplified by its sleek, modern urban design. The main battery is stored away inside the stepping platform, and the cable free design makes it look that much more slick. 


Apart from the design elements, a lot of emphasis has been put on safety - which is and should always be number one priority. Integrated lighting from its front light to its ambient side lighting, ensures maximum visibility, and they're actually incredibly bright in the day as well - which is definitely a bonus.


The electric front and rear brake, along with the rear foot brake provide an impressive stopping distance - which is handy, as you never know what kind of obstacle or hazard may suddenly pop out in front of you as you're minding your own business, enjoying your ride! And an integrated bell adds that bit of extra warning. 


It's lightweight, super compact and weighs just 14kg, making it one of the lighter E-Scooters around. It's stem hook makes it easy to attach your bag to your scooter, freeing up some space for you - quite a surprising simple, convenient feature that we quickly grew to love. 


Last but not least, we brushed over the fact that the additional battery pack essentially doubles the max distance range of the A3 up to 19-22 miles. With all its features, coupled with its sleek design, the A5 is perfect as a hassle free city runner.


+ Lightweight 

+ Puncture free / hassle free tyres

+ Customisable ambient lighting to increase visibility 

+ Increased range due to additional battery pack

+ Cable-free, modern, sleek design

+ Impressive safety features

- No rear lighting

- Lack of rear suspension

- Longer charge time





5. Zinc Eco Max 

Zinc Eco Max Electric Scooter
Model Name: Zinc Eco Max
Top Speed: 15.5mph 
Max Distance Range: 12.5 miles / 20 km
Weight: 15kg
Charge Time: 4-5 Hours
Wheel Type:
Air Filled Front & Rear Wheel




An under the radar pick as the fifth and final pick on the list of our top rated best e-scooters of 2020, the Zinc Eco Max. Rocking a popular design, the Eco Max is jam packed with everything you need for a fun, safe and reliable ride - the only thing that really shocks us with this one, is how affordable its price tag is!


From its integrated display to its comfortable air filled tyres, the Zinc Eco Max offers comfort, style and tech to ensure you have what you need. Powered by a 300W motor and a lithium ion battery with 6Ah capacity and 36V, means this ride can take you up to a respectable 12.5 mile range -  this should be more than enough for a casual to frequent rider around the city. 


Although it lacks suspension, which we would have loved to see, it is still packed with 8.5" air filled wheels, which provide a surprisingly good level of shock absorption, to smooth out your ride. 


In terms of safety features, the Eco Max has two integrated front and rear lights which switch on when you power up - giving you great visibility, especially when it's a little darker outside. In addition to its integrated lighting, its amazing to see that the Eco Max is equipped with a rear disc brake - notorious for providing a fantastic short stopping distance. 


For this price, it feels almost unfair to point out areas for improvement, as you get so much for what you actually pay for. However, if we were to point anything out - we would love to see an additional brake, even just a rear foot brake to give you an added option of braking. Furthermore, the air filled tyres are fantastic, but a front or rear end suspension, would really take the edge off the roads, and provide a silky smooth ride!


Overall, the reason the Zinc Eco Max made the list, is because we think it is one of the best value for money Electric Scooters you can find - it's hard to understand why they're so under the radar!



+ Lightweight 

+ Good range

+ Integrated front and rear lighting

+ Sleek design

+ Comfortable air filled tyres

+ Amazing value for money

- Lack of suspension

- Only one rear brake